Could there be an infectious cause?


Since virtually no one has looked to any other reason for the cause of these tumors, I propose to look at a different causal factor - one of infection.  Not some rare virus, but something parasitical.  This can include fungi, protozoa, parasites. 

This article explores several parasites than can cause lipoma, fibroma, sebaceous cysts.  These are lesions that are subcutaneous (under the skin) and can also be all through the body.

Since I believe we may be looking at an infectious disease -- in this case -- echinococcus - which may be located in a hydatid cyst, I recommend you read the following article from Spain:  
Rare Locations of Hydatid Disease.  (Apparently an English translation)
ead the article with special attention paid to the paragraph starting with "Cyst in soft tissues..."

I urge us all to look in this direction and if you are having biopsy, the tissue should be sent to a lab which does DNA testing on the tumor - not just seeing if it is fatty or fibrotic - these can hide the causal pathogen.   they must be looked for specifically.   all biopsies are not examined for everything.  most pathologists are just looking for cancer.  after that, they dismiss anything they consider "lesser".   this of course, is nonsense.

in my opinion, I believe most of us have some form of granulomatous disease.  Different infectious diseases fall under this umbrella.  This includes tuberculosis, certain parasitical and infectious diseases which can be found embedded in fibrous capsules.

Tumors in Deer
I am including this article on this site.  I found it while looking up fungus and mycotoxins and voil - here came up these deer who died of lipomatosis from the fungus.  I still think there is an infectious component to Dercum's Disease.  This seemed such a good fit, I thought I would include it here.   Lest you say, what does this have to do with humans, please note that the work on retroviruses which seemingly cause AIDS and other viral diseases, was found by the veterinary community.

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